Stove Repair in San Diego, CA

For San Diego residents, Apex Appliance Service is your go-to stove repair company. We have the team to do any job from gas stove repair to pellet stove repair and everything in between. All of our service technicians are trained, experienced, and licensed professionals who know how to get the job done. From electric stove repair to solving pellet stove problems, our 15 years of service in San Diego will ensure the job is completed properly.

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Stove Repair

We repair all types of stoves including electric, gas and even the increasingly popular wood pellet stove. Regardless of the manufacturer, our technicians can resolve whatever issues you may be having. Our education and skills training programs are up-to-date, so we always stay ahead of the curve. We pride ourselves in having technicians that know how to fix all types, makes and models of stove.

Apex Stove Technicians

When you enlist our services, an Apex technician will begin the important task of repairing your stove. Once they get to work, you can be sure they will complete the repair in a timely manner. Mark our words, your stove will be back up and running in no time. Our technician will ensure you know the new life expectancy of the appliance fixed, and they'll even give you tips and preventative measure to ensure it doesn't break again in the near future.